Forbidden Minds series

How did Yumi, Chad, Shiv, Gracie, and Audrey

get free of The Agency?

Find out in the Forbidden Minds series!


She attacks other peoples’ minds. He can read them. Will their powers make them the perfect match?

Yumi is used to being alone. Being a powerful telepathic sender gives her a perspective few others can share. When The Agency offers her an assignment, she is confused at being paired up with a partner. But she never expected it would be him…

Chad loves people, and his outgoing personality pairs perfectly with his powers of telepathic receiving. His ability to listen in on any mind anywhere helps him connect with anyone. Except for Yumi, of course.

When they’re paired up on a mission, Chad keeps things friendly and Yumi keeps her distance. Before long, things start to heat up, but none of that will matter if they’re dead.

When Chad and Yumi discover The Agency isn’t what it seems, they may lose much more than their budding relationship. They could lose everything they’ve ever loved.

Forbidden Minds is a sci-fi romance set in a world where incredible mental abilities are commonplace. If you like romance mixed with action, sizzling chemistry, and steamy love scenes, then you’ll love R.A. Roque’s saucy space romp.

Note: Forbidden Minds contains a cliffhanger-ish ending which is concluded in Wild Minds (Forbidden Minds Book 2) and was formerly published under the title Protect Us
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