Reading Order

If you want to read the story in chronological order, then please follow the list below.


Forbidden Minds

Chad and Yumi’s story starts in the Forbidden Minds series (sci fi romance).

 Forbidden Minds (Book 1)

 Wild Minds (Book 2)

 Frozen Minds (Book 3)

 Secret Minds (Book 4)

 Frantic Minds (Book 5)

 Dangerous Minds (Book 6)


Drastic Times

Their story continues in the Drastic Times series.

(time travel romance) (post apocalyptic romance) 


 Fierce Future (Book 0)

 Fierce Fighter (Book 1)

 Fierce Flight (Book 2) 

 Fierce Faith (Book 2.5)

 Fierce Freedom (Book 3)


Drastic Times series Box Set (Books 1 – 3)